Wooden Robotic Dinosaurs Including T-Rex and Triceratops


Wooden Robotic DinosaursWooden dinosaurs – been there, done that: isn’t that what you’re thinking at the moment? I’m pretty sure it is, but here is something slightly different that will consign the average wooden dinosaur model to the bin and replace it with something altogether much cooler.

If you think these things are only for kids (well they are designed as such) think again – I’m tempted to get a wooden robotic dinosaur myself. Just for research purposes, you understand.

The whole kit and caboodle comes with all the pieces you need to slot together to make a small dinosaur. Thankfully these aren’t life sized.

I reckon the T-Rex will be the most popular, although the Triceratops and the Stegosaurus will still make plenty of sales. Oh, and the makers have even thrown in a Mammoth, just in case you’d prefer that to a regular dinosaur.

Once the dinosaur kit is made – no sticky glue or other fixings required, thankfully – you can get it moving with the aid of a few small batteries.

This is bound to last far longer than the average dinosaur model, and I don’t suppose there would be anything wrong with painting your dinosaur either if you wanted to.

These are more expensive than the average wooden model, coming in at around £20 ($30) each, you can buy them at Firebox. I suspect most kids will want more than one but it does provide you with a good reason to get down and play with them if you have several. Not that I would need that much convincing.

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