LG Optimus LTE Tag Smartphone


LG Optimus LTE Tag SmartphoneIn a world that is crammed with new releases of new smartphones, it can be quite something for an electronics company to announce ‘the first’ of anything. But this is what we’ve seen from LG, as it has released the LG Optimus LTE Tag Smartphone for our pleasure.

This phone is all about NFC, or near field communication. It doesn’t mean much to me at the moment – so long as I can call and text people, I’m happy. But I must admit I’m curious about this phone and I want to know more about the idea of being future proof.

Well, not me – that will never happen – but if my phone is future proof I think I would be pretty happy. The Tag feature could be one we’ll see a lot more of in the future. The idea is that different Tags are located in different places.

Each one takes into account the requirements of that location. So for example you could have one indoors that means you’re able to use your own internet connection instead of 3G. As soon as the phone recognises the Tag it changes the settings to lock onto the home internet connection rather than continuing to use 3G.

Think of a myriad of other possibilities of this nature and you’ll get the idea of the LTE Tag feature. Of course you can expect a range of other cool features from the LG Optimus as well. You might need to wait to make the most of your Tag feature, but it’s worth it.LG Optimus LTE Tag

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