Leak Information with the Transparency Grenade


Transparency Grenade for leaking information.This sounds like something from a spy film. And it could indeed have such dramatic connotations, depending on how it is used. The original destination for the Transparency Grenade was an arts exhibition, but this is one grenade that is real and can be used to leak information from any chosen spot.

I found this gadget quite unnerving and I have an idea we should keep an eye out for it making news headlines once people get hold of it. It’s called a grenade for a reason – namely that it looks like one and it has a pin that triggers it. Once you remove the pin it will capture data from its location and upload it to the internet.

If you look at it as a piece of art it does have a certain appeal. The likeness to a real grenade is startling and the translucency allows you to see a hint of the drama and potential that is housed inside it. I still wouldn’t want to go anywhere near one though.

I’m not the most careful of people and I can imagine accidentally pulling the pin and releasing all kinds of information online without even intending to do so. Apparently there are plans to transform this into an Android app too, so that will be worth looking out for.

I’m intrigued to see where this gadget goes next. Will it stay in art galleries or will it be used to get sensitive information leaked online? Watch this space.Transparency Grenade.Transparency Grenade insides.Transparency Grenade, map.Transparency Grenade, map.

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