3D Printed Houses, Enrico Dini’s Vision


3D Printed Houses.This sounds like one of those headlines that could have a double meaning. I must admit I had to look twice when I read it, and even then I wasn’t able to get the associated image out of my head.

A man prints up a house and folding it to provide himself with a dwelling. Hmm. But actually that assumption isn’t too far from the truth. When you look further into the story and discover the printed house is made using a 3D printer, you can see that this is possible after all.

The creator, a man called Enrico Dini, happens to own the world’s biggest 3D printer, you can read more about the D-Shape printer here. His idea is to throw sand together with a material that will bind it together to produce each individual part of the house.

It is early days for the process at the moment, but the idea could end up transforming the world we live in. 3D printers have been around for a while but this is undoubtedly the biggest idea that has ever come to the fore regarding them.

Obviously these printers are not cheap and you’d need to get all the materials to print everything you needed to generate a house. But the very idea that you could print a house is so bizarre – and so bizarrely possible – that I for one will be following this story to its conclusion.

For those of you who want more on this curious story, take a look on the documentary they have made named ‘The Man Who Prints Houses’ . It follows Dini’s quest to build 3D houses and the troubles that ensued in his personal life. I just wonder how successful that conclusion will be on a large scale. We’ll see.

We have a trailer for the ‘The Man Who Prints Houses’ documentary:

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