Share a Bedroom with the Privacy Pop Bed Tent


Privacy Pop Bed Tent.Although we would all ideally like our privacy in the form of our own rooms, that may not always be possible, for life, as we know all too well, is far from ideal.

You may have to share a room in a dorm or at home, you and your sibling may not have the luxury of separate rooms. In either situation you may want to read or browse the web on your new smartphone, while your room-mate may just want to go to bed.

With the Privacy Pop tent bed, both you and your room-mate can achieve your respective objectives. The tent bed is designed rather like a tent, but fits snugly around twin and twin XL beds. This indoor tent is priced at $200 (£130), you can buy it on Privacy Pop’s site.

The Privacy Pop tent bed includes zippered access so that you can get complete privacy. It also has “windows”, should you need extra light or ventilation.

Buy one for your young child and convince him that it is his castle and he is the lord and master of his castle. That should keep him out of trouble at least for a couple of hours if you are lucky and he is in a mood to play along.

The Privacy Pop unit folds up rather neatly and fits into a custom carrying bag. This makes it a useful accessory for single travellers who, because of budget constraints, may not wish to stay at hotels.

In some destinations, a separate hotel room may not be available; in such situations, the extra privacy when sharing a room with a couple of strangers would be welcome.Privacy Pop Bed Tent with sides open.Privacy Pop Bed Tent, unpacking.Privacy Pop Bed Tent with sides open.Privacy Pop Bed Tent all zipped up.

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