Panoramic Lens for Cameras and Iphones, GoPano EyeSee360


GoPano iPhone Lens.Although smartphone optics have evolved to an extent where 8 megapixel cameras are quite common, these cameras don’t do panoramic videos.

Now, with GoPano’s EyeSee 360 attachment for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, you can start taking 360 degree panoramic videos.

A specially designed GoPano case is attached to your iPhone 4/4S. Whenever you want panoramic video, simply extract the GoPano EyeSee360 micro lens from its special, microfiber pouch and snap it on to the case.

The GoPano EyeSee360 micro lens uses two specially curved mirrors that reflect light from all round where you are standing into your camera lens. This allows the camera to record all that is happening around you and not just what is in front of the lens, as in a conventional camera.

This means you can actually choose to view what was happening at any angle when the video was being shot, even if the camera was not facing in that direction. So if someone was making faces behind your back, you may just have incontrovertible video evidence to use against him or her.

You can also upload your 360 degree panorama videos for free on the GoPano site and share them with family and friends. Yes, these videos can be embedded in your blogs or Facebook page if you so choose to do.

This concept was originally designed for aviation and military use. Indeed, the version for use with professional video cameras costs $699 (£466). The iPhone version is priced at $79 (£53). You may buy this handy accessory from Amazon or GoPano’s online store.

Below we have a movie shot with the EyeSee360 GoPano Plus Lens:GoPano iPhone Lens.GoPano iPhone Lens.GoPano iPhone Lens, mounted on a iPhone.GoPano iPhone Lens.GoPano iPhone Lens.

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