Kisai Stencil Watch from Tokyoflash


Tokyoflash Stencil Watch in Black with green LCD screen.Had Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning been alive, today, they may well have been inspired to ask something to the effect “How do I tell the time? Let me count the ways…”.

In line with the concept of co-creating with the customer, the Tokyoflash company encourages its fans to submit design ideas via the company’s blog.

Heather Sable, a math teacher and a Tokyoflash fan, has successfully seen four of her earlier design ideas being accepted and converted to reality.

Recently, her fifth design concept was launched as the Kisai stencil watch. What is interesting about this design is that it uses the concept of “negative space” to display the numbers.

To tell the time, you have to focus not on the seemingly cryptic lines and dashes that are visible in the foreground, but on the numerals formed by these lines in the background.

It does take a minute or two to figure out from the video how the time displayed is 12:48. But stare at the background long enough and it will strike you. The hours are shown on the top two quadrants, while the minutes are displayed on the bottom two quadrants.

The watch is made of stainless steel. You can choose a black or white leather strap. The always on LCD display is available in five colours- grey, pink, red, blue and green.

You may but the Kisai stencil watch from the Tokyoflash website for $99 till 11:00 p m Eastern tonight. After that, there’s almost a 40% increase in price, which means the watch will cost you $140.Tokyoflash Stencil Watch in white with mirror LCD screen.Tokyoflash Stencil Watch in black with red screen.Tokyoflash Stencil Watches showing the time.Tokyoflash Stencil Watches color display in the dark.Tokyoflash Stencil Watches.Tokyoflash Stencil Watch in black with red LCD.

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