Bluetooth Toothbrush, The Beam Brush


The Beam BrushSmartphones seem to be able to more and more things. The latest is to keep track of your oral and dental hygiene. I’m absolutely serious!

The Beam Brush is a manual, non-motorised toothbrush that uses Bluetooth connectivity to share data with an app on your Android smartphone.

What data does it capture and share? You know that dentists recommend that we brush our teeth for at least two minutes at least twice a day. But can we all honestly say that we comply?

The Beam Brush tracks how long you brush, using its built-in timer. Once you download the app on to your smartphone, the Beam Brush transmits the data and the app generates a graph that will help your dentist get a realistic picture of your brushing habits.

The Beam Brush is available in blue and pink for the men/boys and women/girls in your family. Each brush is priced at $50 (£33).

You do not need multiple smartphones, as you can pair multiple Beam Brushes with one smartphone. That way, you can keep track of your family’s brushing patterns.

Every few weeks, you need to replace the head of the Beam Brush. But unlike other brushes whose replacement heads cost $10 or so, the Beam’s replacement costs about the same as a regular toothbrush.

When you have a smart toothbrush and a smartphone, you start expecting smartness in other ways too. The Beam does not disappoint. It alerts you when its head needs to be replaced. Even better, you can order replacement heads via your smartphone.

But no matter how smart you are or your toothbrush is, unless you follow the right dental hygiene practices, chances are your teeth and gums will cause you problems. Happy brushing!

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