Ramos Alarm Clock Ensures You Get Out of Bed


Ramos Nixie Alarm Clock.The Ramos Nixie alarm clock by Paul Sammut looks pretty antiquated when you first take a look at it. It’s wooden, it has one of those grids in the front where the speaker is, and it has a series of bubble type looking things on the front too, where the numbers are displayed.

But while it looks old, the Ramos Nixie alarm clock is far from it. Not only do you get the clock, you also get a remote pad that works wirelessly. The idea is that you put the clock where it normally goes, right beside your bed. You then put the pad somewhere else in the room. The idea is that when the alarm goes off you can’t just hit the clock and stop it from waking you properly.

You actually have to get out of bed to stop it, because the only way to shut it up is to put a code into the remote pad… which you should have positioned somewhere far enough away from the clock to actually get up for.

The Ramos alarm clock is currently a Kickstarter project, you can reserve the Nixie retro model now with a pledge of $350 (£235), alternatively you can opt for the $160 (£107) LED version, they will be shipping in August.

This isn’t a cheap alarm clock but it is a practical solution if you’re like me and you live for the snooze button. The clock is even designed to solve the problem of people like me switching it off before the alarm goes off.

The clock actually prevents you from doing this half an hour before the alarm is set. I have strong feelings for this clock – I like it, but I hate it too. It knows meRamos Nixie, up close. too well.Ramos Nixie Alarm Clock, bedside.Ramos Alarm Clock, remote.Ramos LED Alarm Clock with remote keypad.Ramos LED Alarm Clock.

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