Digital Thermometer for iDevices, the iCelsius


Digital Thermometer, the iCelcius.We’re all aware of how much we can do with an iDevices. But we’re still finding new products that give these Apple devices just one more function we never thought we’d need.

The latest exciting addition to the range is the iCelsius digital thermometer. Yes, it is now perfectly possible to transform your iPhone, iPod or iPad into a proper and accurate thermometer. Now there is another reason to make sure your device is continually charged, because you never know when you’ll need it.

The thermometer is a small and simple affair. It looks like a long thin lead with a metal bit on one end and a connector on the other, so you can plug it into the port where you normally stick your charging lead.

Once you have your thermometer you can download the app from the usual place; there is no additional charge for this. The actual thermometer itself is $55 (£37), so it’s not badly priced for something that’s quite innovative and extremely useful.

No more worrying over whether your usual digital thermometer is still working or whether the battery has gone flat. This is one of those gadgets you hope you won’t have much cause to use. But I have to say I would rather have it handy just in case.

I wouldn’t know whether to put it in the medicine cabinet or in the drawer I have that’s full of leads, but either way it’s a great addition to have close by.Digital Thermometer, the iCelcius, works with the iPad.

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