Mattel Hover Board, Glides Over Most Surfaces


Mattel Hover Board, at the Toy Fair 2012.Oh boy does this one sound like a great idea – something I’ve had on my wish list for many years in a row. If you are old enough to remember the great movie “Back to the Future” (and if you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to do so) you will remember the hover board that was used in the film.

Last year we saw the Nike MAG trainers from the Back to The Future II movie; they were sold on eBay for a Parkinson’s charity, in co-operation with Michael J. Fox, a long-time sufferer of the disease.

Now Mattel has come up with something that looks the same, although the big disappointment is that of course it doesn’t hover. Perhaps a better description of this would be a glide board, since that seems to be what it does.

It glides over lots of different surfaces, although the promo says it doesn’t work on water, unfortunately. The bad news is that the board is in pre-order for the first three weeks of March.

If enough people buy it, Mattel will probably put it into production for a mass audience. After all they’re not going to miss a trick here are they? So if you can put in a pre-order during that time, make sure you do.

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t remember this and want to give it a try to see how close to the film Mattel has managed to go. On looks alone it is spot on, but it remains to be seen how good the hover part is.

I can only hope to have the opportunity to try one in the near future. Ah, it’s too exciting to think about, even now.Hover Board in Back to the Future part 2 and 3.Marty McFly with the Hover Board.Hover Board.

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