Logitech Touch Mouse M600


Touch Mouse M600 from Logitech.
The mouse is a humble but essential piece of kit for anyone who uses a desktop computer. They’ve all got those two clickable buttons at the top so you can use your first two fingers to figure out where you should click and why.

But the new Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is a very different beast entirely. This mouse is more, shall we say, intuitive. Sleek and black and bearing no sign of those two clickable buttons, the Touch Mouse is perhaps an insight into the next stage of mousing.

Not only will you find the mouse more appealing once you get used to it, you might also be able to get rid of the mouse mat, thanks to the design of the mouse.

If you think about how that little scroll pad works when you use it on a laptop, and you transfer that ability to this mouse, you will get an idea of how it will feel to use it.

I actually can’t wait to try this out because apparently it’s ideal for left handed people. Traditional mice are made for right handed people but this one is ideal for everyone, no matter which hand you prefer to use.

It’s small, around the size of a traditional mouse, but it holds so much more promise. Go on, get rid of that infernal mouse now and replace it with the Logitech one instead.

It retails for around $70 (£45) and I get the feeling they’ll sell plenty of them.Touch Mouse M600 from Logitech.Touch Mouse M600 from Logitech, side view.Touch Mouse M600 from Logitech.

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