EzyRoller, Three Wheeled Cart with Foot Steering


EzyRoller finished in red.Sometimes a new toy comes along that makes you think of all the best bits of your youth. For me, the EzyRoller is that very toy. This is a great piece of kit that is designed for kids, but I have a feeling that the makers will (and should) be introducing one for adults in the near future as well.

At least I hope they will, because the age group for the EzyRoller goes from four to fourteen – not nearly high enough to cater for me. Ah well. So what is the EzyRoller anyway? Well it looks a lot like a pedal car cum go kart, with choice bits of bikes and scooters thrown in.

This really is in a class of its own, and while the design is relatively simple it is stable enough and it looks extremely comfortable too. The seat is reclined and has two small wheels on the back, one on either side. There is a pole going from the middle of the seat to the front, which has just one wheel.

You’ll soon get the hang of how to steer the thing (or should I say your kids will) and the whole shebang is available for less than a hundred dollars, according to reports.

This is one gadget that could well catch on as adults buy it for their kids (for them to enjoy of course, rather than to relive some childhood memories). Oh, let’s be honest, who am I kidding? It’ll be a hit.

Take a look at this video to see the EzyRoller in action:EzyRoller finished in blue.EzyRoller finished in pink.

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