Video Gaming Coffee Tables, Two Player, Pull-Out Controls


Arcane model, Video Game Coffee Table.There are some pretty cool coffee tables around these days. More and more of them seem to be innocent coffee tables by day, only to reveal some other incredibly exciting use by night.

Maybe that’s why I love the idea of the video game coffee table so much. These modern looking coffee tables use a glass top to hide the gaming centre within.

You’ll get the chance to play some exciting old arcade games including Pac Man (remember that?) and the units also come with plenty of good hardware to enable you to upload your own games as well, there is a fully functional PC inside.

The coffee tables have been created by a company named Surface Tension and it’s clearly aimed at those with deep pockets, because they start around $2,000 (£1,300). Maybe I should ask everyone to club together and get me one for Christmas.

The sides of the coffee tables pulls out to reveal the joysticks and controls for two people, so you no longer have to sit and make small talk over your coffee. In fact you might want to get another coffee table for your, er, coffee, because you’ll want to use this one for gaming all the time – it’s that good.

I never thought I’d be reviewing a MAME compatible coffee table, but hey, that’s technology for you. And if glass topped coffee tables don’t quite fit in with your colour scheme you can buy them in other colours and finishes as well.

There are currently three tables on offer named Double7, Arcane, and Dual. They come with 19 to 26-inch monitors, the Dual is for two player head-to-head battle’s

They make it really hard not to buy one, don’t they?Arcane model controls, Video Game Coffee Table.Dual model, Gaming Coffee Table.Double7 model, Gaming Coffee Table.Double7 model, Gaming Coffee Table.

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