Roadkill Toys, Characters Include Splodge the Hedgehog


Roadkill ToysAny toy with a name like this has to warrant a closer look, doesn’t it? You just can’t help yourself. They’re the cuddly toy version of the road kill you see while you’re driving, and they have all the little bits and pieces you’d expect to see hanging out of them as a result.

They reckon kids love gross things and judging by the grossness of this particular range of toys, they should be a huge hit.

Every one of them has certain features you’d expect to see on road kill. Take the entrails hanging out of their middles for example. Grossly fascinating and I’ll admit it, rather funny to see on a stuffed (or perhaps not so stuffed) toy.

Watch out for the complete package that includes a body bag and an insight into how your chosen toy met their end. They’ve all got names and they’ve all got toe tags too. You’ll even get a certificate that confirms they’re dead. How about that for a thoughtful package?

Every single one of them has a bloodshot eye (just the one, by the look of it) and a squashed tongue hanging out of their mouth. They all feature a tummy zip too so you can carefully and respectfully send their spilled organs back where they came from.

I’ve never seen a stuffed toy before that makes me wonder whether I should give it a home or a funeral. But this one is almost certain to wind up in my home.

They have a wonderful diversity of road kill on their site including Smudge the Squirrel, Grind the Rabbit, Splodge the Hedgehog, Fender the Fox and Pop the Weasel.Splodge the Hedgehog, Roadkill Toys.

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