Xappr Gun for your Smartphone


Xappr Gun for your SmartphoneIf you’ve got a Wii you’ll be familiar with the idea of slotting the handset into tennis racquets, guns and all manner of other objects to enhance the game play. Well now you can do something similar with your iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, thanks to the innovative and deeply impressive XAPPR.

I suppose this is a play on words that is meant to make you think of a zapper, and it works well. The XAPPR is a gun style accessory that is made to fit your phone. Or rather, the phone fits into it and gives you the chance to play reality games unlike any others you will have tried on your smartphone so far.

I’m tempted – extremely tempted and eager to get one of my own. The XAPPR Gun is available for pre-order, the price is $30 (£20) through PayPal. You’ll be able to play any of ten augmented reality style games thus far, although you can bet there will be more to come once the gun itself is released for sale.

You simply download the games onto your smartphone just like you would with any others, and then lock the phone into the Xappr and connect the two together.

It’s pretty simple to get going, although I can imagine it would take a while to get used to this totally new method of game play. If there is a downside it must surely be that any regular game is going to feel a bit dull after the XAPPR has got hold of you.Xappr Gun.

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