Old Smartphones Turned into Kids Toys, iBuku Pets


iBuku PetsWhen it comes to going green, I’m all for doing my bit for the environment. I’m out there every week, separating all my rubbish into piles to make sure as much as possible can be recycled.

But there are certain areas that warrant more work than others. For instance how many perfectly good mobile phones have you got rid of in recent times, just so you could update to a newer model?

That’s the problem that sparked a product idea for the folks at Arbor Cube. They’ve come up with the iBuku Pets idea – a range of tech toys that is supposed to encourage us all to make more use of our smartphones. So instead of ditching them we should get an iBuku Pet to transform them into something new.

The idea is a pretty good one. You buy one of the ‘pets’ and slot your old smartphone into it. According to the news release they’ve got two models to kick things off with, one of which is designed to ensure older smartphones can still work, even if they can’t hold a charge for very long.

I have visions of families with three or four kids being able to recycle smartphones so each child has one, safely tucked away in the body of an iBuku Pet. The website shows them in different colours so everyone should find one that will make them happy.

Now it’s time to get rid of all those dull weather and travel apps and to download some kid friendly ones instead, wouldn’t you say?

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