Compact Camera with a Large Zoom, Olympus SP-620UZ


Olumpus SP-620UZ, Front view, in Silver.If you think digital cameras, one of the first brand names to come to mind is probably going to be Olympus. This will continue to be the case when you realise they have another model to appreciate – namely the Olympus SP-620UZ digital camera.

This comes packed with so many features you’ll have trouble deciding what to use first. The zoom is pretty good at 21x, and you also get 11 so called Magic Filters that will undoubtedly prompt you to be more creative with your photography.

This is a camera that is ideal for those who are looking for their first serious digital camera. You might look at it as a crossover between an SLR camera and a small pocket sized digital camera, and for my money the result is pretty good. You can even use standard AA batteries with this puppy, although personally I’d still go for the stronger rechargeable ones to give you more juice.

It’s also good to know you can shoot high definition movies when you want to. This is a big plus for me. Sometimes having the ability to take a range of pictures of my cat digging holes in my flowerbeds and falling asleep on my plants is not enough to really capture the moment.

Although I won’t complain at having a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens all included in the same package. In fact for a general all round good performance you’ll find it hard to beat the Olympus SP-620UZ Camera.Olumpus SP-620UZ, Front view, in Black.Olumpus SP-620UZ, Back view, in Black.

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