MEEP! Tablet for Kids, Coming Soon from Oregon Scientific


MEEP! Tablet for KidsTablets are getting more and more common all the time. Smartphones are still popular too of course, but tablets are easy to hold and offer a range of features to use.

But if you thought it was only adults who used them, think again. Oregon Scientific has got in on the act and created the MEEP! tablet to make sure the kids aren’t left out of the equation. Pure white with bright blue ends, the exterior of the MEEP! belies its powerful Google Android interior.

The 7” touchscreen display means that it is just the right size for most kids, and it means they’ve got their own tablet instead of wanting to use yours. It’s designed for kids that are six years or older, so it’s ideal for their own unique needs.

I for one am delighted the MEEP! is on it’s way. I won’t have to worry about my tablet going missing anymore, only to turn up in my kid’s bedroom with a whole new design on the home page.

I’m not possessive, but I’d certainly feel better to know they’ve got their own tablet to play around with. They’re not missing out on features either – the MEEP! can download apps, eBooks and all manner of other suitable content that is ideal for kids.

But perhaps the best bit of all is the built in parental control feature. Once this is set up you can let your kids play with their MEEP! to their heart’s content.

You can sign-up for updates on the MEEP! site.

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