Video Spy Pen, Swann HD PenCam


Swann HD PenCamThe miniaturisation of consumer electronics manifests itself in another gadget. This time, it is the HD Pencam from Swann Communications, a leader in DIY security monitoring solutions.

It looks like a pen and you can write with it too. But it’s not just a pen, or it wouldn’t feature here, would it? This clever little gadget is actually a HD video and still image recording device that is designed to look like a pen.

Two new versions of the pencam are available. The first is the HD Pencam and the second is DVR-421 PenCam Mini 2GB. The latter is limited by the 2GB internal storage capacity, while the former has a microSD memory card slot that can store up to 16 GB of videos and images.

Not surprisingly, the HD pencam is priced at $119.99 (£76), while the DVR-421 PenCam Mini is priced at $47.90 (£30) and is available now.

The pencam can record 1280×720 pixel videos in avi format and store photographs as jpeg files. You can share the videos and pictures on YouTube or Facebook. The device allows date and time-stamping too.

To charge the pencam, plug it into the USB port of your computer. And if you are a Mac user, fret not, for the Swann pencam is just as compatible with the Mac as it is with Windows based computers.

While the pencam will have many uses in perfectly normal situations that need video or still or photography, I fear that it may also increase the scope for misuse by people who use it to take pictures and videos that then make their way to the big bad world of cyberspace.Swann PenCam 4GB Model.

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