Lazer Tag Blaster for iPhone and iPod Touch


Lazer Tag BlasterI must say the appBlaster is the perfect accessory if you want to weaponize your smartphone, however Hasbro is planning to launch a new version of it’s Lazer Tag game this summer.

The new Lazer Tag is the result of some great work by Nerf and Hasbro. What it does is make the game iPod or iPhone compatible. The new Lazer Tag gun has a special holder in which you mount your iPod or iPhone. Once you’ve downloaded the free app called “Blasters”, you’re in business.

The Lazer Tag has a firing range of over 250 feet. A heads-up display shows trajectory and gaming stats. There’s even an updating leader-board for you and up to 23 friends.

On the top left of the screen is a life meter, which decreases each time you’re “shot”. The display turns red when you’ve been hit. To be fair, the gadget beeps when it detects an opponent, so you can prepare to shoot or take evasive action so you don’t get shot.

The bottom right of the screen lets you select your weapon and gives you a count of how much “ammunition” you have left. As you raise your skill level, you will be given access to advanced weapons. Of course, you can also simply purchase them via apps.

The iPod or iPad also helps you play a single player game, with the display screen of your device allowing you to engage with your enemies in “augmented reality”.

You can also play without your iPod or iPhone – it won’t be as much fun. This gadget is priced at $40 (£25); you can get two for $70 (£45). App for the Lazer Tag Blaster.

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