Stay Safe with Emergency Underpants


Emergency Underpants Dispenser.One usually prepares for emergencies by carrying torches, extra batteries, lots of extra water and food, change of clothes and so on. Sometimes, though, the emergencies that occur are of a more embarrassing and personal kind. I am referring to those that require one to change one’s underwear.

Such an emergency may either be because of a spill that soaks all the way causing discomfort or it could be because of physiological incontinence or a stomach upset caused by poor quality water and food when one travels to locations that are attractive markets but sadly, not very safe for gastrointestinal systems that are unused to anything but the most hygienic of food and water.

Thankfully, a company called Accoutrements has come up with “emergency underpants” meant precisely for these unhappy situations. These are designed for adults in general, and not specifically for senior citizens.

These disposable unisex briefs are available in packs of one or in a pop-up dispenser that contains multiple briefs. The single underpant comes in a tin measuring 3″ x 1-1/2″ x 3/4″ so it’s fairly easy to carry.

You can also give them as gifts to your parents or older siblings. Do so only if they have a good sense of humour, so that they will appreciate it and you can all have a great laugh together. If they’re the type that might misunderstand such a gift, steer clear of it.

You can purchase the emergency underpants from Amazon. The dispenser version is priced around $8 (£5), while the beautifully packaged single underpant retails at $4 (£2).

Emergency Underpants Tray.Emergency Underpants, single pant.

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