Commercial Juicer, Capable of 28 Oranges Per Minute


Commercial JuicerThe juice produced by this juicer may be good for your health. But if you’re looking for a juicer for use at home, this one may not be very good for your financial health, considering that it is priced at $9900.

This restaurant-grade heavy duty juicer is capable of extracting 84 ounces of fresh fruit juice every minute. To put that in perspective, you can extract the juice of up to 28 oranges in a minute.

Now, that level of productivity would be useful in a restaurant that serves fresh fruit juice at breakfast or through the day as well.

Rotating flywheels press the fruit on to a micro-serrated blade made of stainless steel, which cuts the fruit into halves. Spinning reamers then squeeze the juice out from the pulp. A filter ensures that the bitter pith is kept out of the juice just before the juice flows into a glass.

This commercial juicer can extract juice from apples, oranges, grapefruit, pomegranates and pretty much any fruit. A transparent chute lets you stock up fruit in it so that as soon as one is processed, the next one automatically goes in. The transparent plastic housing lets you (and your customers) view the entire juicing process.

All parts of this juicer are made of food grade plastic or stainless steel and reportedly, can be used for decades. The blades, reamers and drums can be easily removed for cleaning and washing.

The juicer is not small or light. It measures 34” in height, almost 30” in width and 17” in depth. It weighs 96 lbs (around 43 Kg). You can order one at Hammacher if you think the juice is worth the squeeze.

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