iPhone Arcade Cabinet, the iAppCade


iAppCade iPhone Arcade Cabinet.We all have games we love to play on our iPhones. I have two whole screens of them to choose from whenever I use my phone. But sometimes it doesn’t quite feel right to hold the phone and play an arcade game.

In this situation you want something a little bit more impressive, and the iAppCade iPhone Arcade Cabinet was built to cater for this very purpose.

It’s a cabinet that will house your iPhone and enable you to play a proper arcade game. Just insert your phone and that’s it. There are no complex instructions on how to set it up, basically because you just don’t need them.

It boasts a joystick and a couple of buttons and a cool design that makes you feel like your favourite arcade machine just got shrunk and transported into your home.

There is no Bluetooth capability with this cabinet, meaning you can get a lot of game play out of it without your phone dying on you. Once you slot your iPhone into place there’s nothing else to do but play.

Of course you can only play arcade games on this gadget, and at present there aren’t that many of them to choose from. But with that said you’ll love playing Pinger, Blasteroids and the impressively named Invaders from Outer Space, so you’ll have enough to get your teeth into. Personally I can’t wait to get my own cabinet. It’s got to be better than the life size version.

The iAppCade cabinet will cost around $25 (£15), which seems reasonable.

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