Full-Frame DSLR, 36MP, Nikon D800


Nikon D800 Front View.If you’re thinking of leaving the compact digital cameras behind and going on to get a digital SLR model instead, make sure you consider the Nikon D800. This chunky monkey packs a real punch and it’ll give you way more to use and enjoy than even the biggest and best compact camera you could find.

If you want megapixels in droves you’ve got them – this one gives you an amazing 36.3 of them. You’ll be able to take closer and sharper pictures than ever before. It’s actually quite scary how good this camera is.

But as you would expect from a Nikon camera, there is plenty more to look forward to here as well. Do you want an Advanced Scene Recognition System? You’ve got it. What about Full HD movie recordings as well? Yep – even though it’s strictly a camera you can make the most of all those pixels in full glorious action too.

You can even get the next model up – the 800E – when it’s released if you want to go one better. I’m already pretty overwhelmed with the Nikon D800 but if I was going to spend the money and invest in something as amazing as this, why not go one better?

Anyone wanting to leave their trusty compact camera behind and go into the single lens reflex area could do a lot worse than to make the Nikon D800 their first camera. You’ll use and love it – and probably add to it too – plenty of times in the future.Nikon D800 back view.Nikon D800, top view.Nikon D800, side view with mic.

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