CineMassive CineView Ultra Thin LCD Video Wall Displays


CineMassive CineView Displays.Have you ever wanted a wall of screens that provides you with a single image across all of them, stitching the image together like a series of high tech jigsaw pieces?

Okay I must admit it hadn’t occurred to me either until I saw the latest release from CineMassive. Their new CineView LCD video wall displays are ultra thin and ultra impressive. They definitely fall into the ‘see one, want one’ category as far as I’m concerned.

It has plenty of impressive stats – 1080p resolution, HDMI inputs, LED backlighting and much more. To be honest I don’t understand the technical side of things, but I do understand how cool these panels look when they are all connected up to provide one large display.

They’ll undoubtedly be used for advertisements in various ways, but I can imagine some people will want to buy a number of panels for use in their own home as well. Imagine the adverts of Piccadilly Circus right there in your own cinema room at home.

Wow, You get high definition quality and excellent reception, with the ability to receive videos from anywhere in the world.

Clearly this is meant for large scale presentations, advertising and other similar applications. But don’t you just want one of your own?

You can get behind me in the queue – suddenly the idea of having my own home cinema seems rather more appealing than it did before. Thank you CineMassive – you made my day.

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