Star Wars Cufflinks, Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance


Star Wars Cufflinks.If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’re probably forever searching for the latest gadget to buy that represents your love of the film franchise.

You might end up swapping from regular shirts to proper shirts that require cufflinks for this particular gadget, but I reckon it’s worth it. After all, it’s the only way you’ll be able to wear the Star Wars cufflinks that are now available.

There are two sets available, in stunning Galactic Empire black and in the other corner, Rebel Alliance red. It’s up to you whether you wear one set at a time or pick one from each set to wear simultaneously.

Set up a battle on your sleeves and see if fellow Star Wars fans can spot your good taste in accessories. These are perfect for men who want to make a stand at work, or those who want to show which side they’re on at a wedding. Far better, I think, than simply sitting with the bride or groom.

Rhodium plated and perfect for a gift too, you’ll find plenty of reasons to buy them. I know I have. I got one set already – the Galactic Empire – and I’m planning on getting the other one too. It’s time to be brave and to let them mix on my cuffs.

I’ve always been one to create a scene and this one could be memorable. It should certainly break the ice at the next wedding I go to, when I have to make small talk with people I don’t know.

These Star Wars Cufflinks are sold at ThinkGeek, they are priced at $60 (£40).Star Wars Cufflinks.

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