Colour Changing Umbrella


Colour Changing UmbrellaHere’s the truth of the matter – it doesn’t matter where you live in the US or UK, you need an umbrella. The weather can change from brilliant warm sunshine to a downpour within minutes with no warning at all, so there’s no way you can wing it without one.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a plain old black brolly when it rains. In fact, this black brolly is better than it looks – and when you have one you’ll be praying for rain just so you can show it off.

Each of the eight panels has a series of white raindrops on it. Not very impressive, you might think. But wait until it rains and watch those raindrops light up and go through a range of brilliant colours from green to yellow to red.

It’s quite something, although personally I can see I would be standing in the rain looking at my brolly changing colours rather than holding it over my head like I should be.

So maybe it would be wise to carry two of them to begin with, until you get used to how pretty it looks. It will certainly make you stand out in a crowd and the special ink that is used in the process means it will never wash off.

Just let your umbrella dry as usual and then be ready for the next rain shower. It’s fun all the way with an umbrella that was meant for use all over.

You can find the Colour Changing Umbrella at Firebox and it costs £20 ($32).

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