Star Wars Ice Tray, X-Wing Fighters


Star Wars X-Wing Silicone Ice TrayWe’re all pretty familiar with the range of novelty ice trays that is now available. But I’ve found a new one that is going to be a big hit among Star Wars fans. Remember the X-Wings from the Rebel Alliance? You can now have miniature replicas floating in your cold drinks to make you the envy of everyone around you.

If you’re brave enough to show your allegiance you can get a Star Wars ice tray that makes six X-Wings at a time. These trays are wonderfully malleable too, so it’s superbly easy to pop out the X-Wings once they’re frozen. They may not last as long as the fighters in the films, but hey, you can crush these ones between your teeth if you’re up to it.

The great thing is that the moulds are silicone in nature, just as most of today’s modern ice trays are. Ironically this means they can withstand heat. You might think it’s a bit of a moot point considering these are for ice cubes, but you can actually bake with the moulds too.

If you want to produce tiny X-Wing fighters to grace a kid’s birthday cake – or even your own – what better way to do it than this? The X-Wing Ice Tray is £9.99 ($16) at Firebox.

No doubt Star Wars fans around the globe will be flocking to buy these silicone ice trays while they are available. Be sure to stock up now and show your support for the Rebel Alliance. What’s that? Oh, you already have…X-Wing Fighter, Ice Tray.

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