Immobiliser Phone, Simply Stunning


Immobiliser Phone, Simply Stunning.When is a phone not a phone? Answer – when it’s a stun gun instead. If you’re ever out late at night and you feel like someone might be following you, it would be a smart idea to carry this particular phone with you. When you find out that the creator of the ‘phone’ is a company called Security Products in Disguise, you’ll realise why I keep referring to it as a phone.

See, this isn’t actually a phone at all, even though it looks like a fairly cheap one. It’s actually a stun gun in disguise. It offers you plenty of power and a way to defend yourself if anyone should ever try anything – day or night.

You can charge up the battery just as easily as you would a normal phone. It’s rechargeable so there’s no need to keep looking for replacements either.

The best thing about this is that it doesn’t look like a regular stun gun. Personally I wouldn’t know what one of those looked like anyway, but I know what a mobile phone looks like. At least I thought I did.

This baby looks like a mobile phone but I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it. Thankfully it’s got a safety switch so you can’t use it when you don’t mean to – or stun yourself, which I know I’d be prone to doing.

Just check you’re allowed to carry it wherever you live before you go and buy one for protection. You can pick one up for around $75 here.Immobiliser Phone, back and stunner on the top.

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