Romantic Microbes, Perfect for Valentine’s Day


GIANTmicrobesDon’t worry we’re not talking about the real thing here. But we are talking about the great new line from GIANTmicrobes that is hitting the shelves right now in advance of the most romantic day of the year. What day is that? Oh right – Valentine’s Day.

No doubt there will be a few crude jokes floating around for this one. But, you can buy a little fluffy sperm and a larger fluffy egg in a gorgeous gift set. This means you can definitely surprise (and possibly puzzle) your loved one on the big day.

GIANTmicrobes are known for releasing the strangest series of soft toys perhaps in the entire history of soft toys. Do you want a red blood cell sitting on your bed? No problem. What about a common cold germ? Yes you can have that too. I wouldn’t recommend giving your lover Mad Cow or Ebola on Valentine’s Day, but the boxed set of sperm and egg might get the message across.

They’re certainly cute and if you’re looking for a romantic gift that is completely wacky and fun, this could be it. When you get them out of their gift box you’ll notice they got magnets inside them that bring them together, so it’s impossible to lose the little sperm as he tries to find and stick with his egg. Ah, how romantic is that? Grab one of the three different boxed sets now and prove that romance isn’t dead.Valentine’s Day Give the Gift of Conception, Moonlight Edition.GIANTmicrobes, Sperm and Egg, Passion Edition.GIANTmicrobes, Sperm and Egg, Romantic Edition.GIANTmicrobes, Sperm and Egg, Smooch.

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