Powerful Wi-Fi Router, Provides 10,000 Square Feet Coverage


Amped Wi-Fi Router.Do you remember when you used to be restricted to whatever room your computer was in? The power of the internet was great right from the start, but it always required wires to get you connected.

I was thrilled when wireless internet became a reality because I could finally make the most of my laptop. Laptops certainly are portable – until you want to use a wired internet connection.

Then you’re back at that desk again. But even wireless internet has its limitations. Even now I can’t use my laptop in all areas of my home because the signal just isn’t good enough.

That’s why I’ll be first in the queue for an amped wireless router when it comes on the market. This revolutionary bit of kit is going on the American market for $149.99 (£100).

Apparently you’ll get a whopping 10,000 square feet of coverage from this – more than enough to cover all areas of my home (and the mansion I’m hoping to move into at some point as well…).

It’s not just the extent of the signal that matters: the strength of the signal is important too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried using my laptop in the garden so I can enjoy a bit more of the summer, and how many times I’ve failed to get the signal I want.

This amped wireless router is going to be a wonderful addition to many homes, and I want to be first in the queue to get one. Move along, please.Amped Wi-Fi Router, side view.Amped Wi-Fi Router, vastly extends wireless range.Amped Wi-Fi Router, rear view.

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