Nostalgia Toaster with Flip Down Griddle


Nostalgia Toaster, includes a Flip Down Griddle.Cereal is so yesterday when it comes to breakfast. If you want to go to work on an egg, as the old advertising term told us, it’s time to get a nostalgic toaster.

The latest amazing product to come out of the think tank that is Nostalgia Electrics is a superb toaster and griddle all in one. The great thing is that unlike many kitchen gadgets, this one doesn’t take up much space.

If your existing toaster has had it, bin in and get one of these instead. The price is $29.99 (£20) so it’s hardly expensive and it looks just like a normal toaster. That is until you drop down one side and transform it into an all singing, all dancing griddle as well.

This is big enough to cook a couple of eggs, or if you’re daring you could stick a sausage pattie or even a couple of slices of bacon on there. With the two slot toaster in the same unit you’ve got a convincing excuse to get a warm breakfast every day if you want it.

Normally I wouldn’t bother getting the frying pan out, even if it’s only for an egg. But with this baby I think I’ll have a reason to get more creative in the kitchen, even on a work day.

And since it only needs a socket to plug it into, well… have toaster and griddle, will travel. I could do demonstrations at work…Nostalgia Toaster.Nostalgia Toaster box.

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