Cardio Fitness Trainer, Swimmer’s Treadmill


Swimmer’s TreadmillSwimming, it is said, is amongst the best forms of exercise. It takes care of your cardio training, as also toning and resistance. The fly in the ointment, though, is that not all of us live in homes that have swimming pools.

The good people at Hammacher Schlemmer have come up with a portable swimming pool that can be set up on a temporary basis in backyards or even garages. Even better, this combines the benefits of swimming with resistance training.

Measuring 10’x7’x4.5’ in depth, the Swimmer’s Treadmill offers you the opportunity to swim in an area that’s roughly as large as an SUV. It includes a harness (meant for waists in the 22”- 42” range) and a flexible tether that suspends the swimmer in water. The other end of the tether is fixed to the sturdy powder-coated metal frame that supports the pool.

What the tether does is increase resistance. The stronger your strokes and kicks, the greater the resistance you create. The Swimmer’s Treadmill requires no special tools or plumbing or electrical work for installation.

It is made of rip and tear-resistant PVC coated 2000 denier polyester fabric. At the bottom, a floor mat provides additional protection. A built-in ladder allows you to enter and exit the pool quite easily.

What this pool does require is 1500 gallons of water. That might be a problem in areas where water is scarce, because if you install the Swimmer’s Treadmill in a non-permanent space such as your garage, you will either need another place to park your car or you will have to refill the pool every time you want to use it. The swimmers treadmill will set you back $1,400 (£940).

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