Basic House, Fits in Your Pocket


Basic House, Fits in Your Pocket.Barcelona-based Martin Azua has designed what he calls “Basic House”. It is a portable temporary housing solution that looks like an oversized balloon.

That description is probably not too off the mark, considering that the Basic House is made of metallized polyester. When unfolded, this balloon self-inflates under one’s body heat or due to the sun’s heat.

Once you are inside the Basic House, the material reflects your body heat inside and keeps you warm. Even more amazing is the fact that in summer, you just reverse the balloon so that the metallized surface becomes the exterior. This surface reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the inside cool.

In its original form, the amazing Basic House is small enough to be folded and stuffed inside one’s pocket. The question that I don’t yet have an answer to is whether it can be refolded to fit one’s pocket after it’s been inflated enough to accommodate an adult.

The Casa Basica, to give it its original Spanish name, may not be a viable alternative to even low-cost housing, considering that it does not have a toilet, electricity, running water and so on.

However, it certainly has possible uses for protecting the homeless. It may also find application in the aftermath of natural disasters or other accidents that damage houses over large areas.

In fact, the designer himself refers to the Casa Basica as “ideal for a life on the move without material ties”. It’s not clear if this Basic House is commercially available or how much it is priced at.Basic House.

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