Improve Your Tennis with the SKLZ Power Base


SKLZ Power Base Tennisf you’re looking to improve your tennis, but find it difficult to persuade your partners to get to the courts when you’re free, perhaps you should consider getting yourself the SKLZ power base tennis device.

You can practise your shots against a wall, but the returns are reasonably predictable. The idea of the SKLZ power base tennis partner is simplicity enough. It consists of a kinetic cord to which a standard tennis ball is attached on one end. The other end is fixed on a weighted non-skid rubber base.

When you don’t have a human partner against whom to match your serves and volleys, set up the SKLZ device where you have enough open space and start hitting the ball.

The kinetic cord can stretch to maximum length of 30 feet so when you give the ball a hard whack, it travels a distance of up to 30 feet and comes right back at you, mimicking an opponent’s return of serve.

Depending on how hard you hit the ball and at what angle, the laws of mechanics decide how much you have to run from your original spot for an effective “return”. Theoretically, the SKLZ can go on forever- or at least, till such time as the ball loses its shape or the cord its elasticity. How much practice you get will depend on your own endurance.

Even if you are not a serious tennis player, this gadget can give you a nice cardio workout and help improve your hand-eye coordination. The SKLZ power base tennis companion is available for $50 (£35).

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