Tough iPhone Protection, Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone Case


Rokform Rokbed V3 iPhone Case, in yellow.

Who’d have thought that so many iPhone cases could be introduced? Unlike those fantastic clip on cases that you could get from market stalls all across the country, to show your love for Buffy the vampire Slayer (yes, I’m going that far back) or whatever football club was currently en vogue, the new covers have to do more.

Well, we aren’t dealing with Nokia 3330s anymore are we? Made from expertly moulded polycarbonate, the new Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone case gives you all sorts of added usability for your iPhone.

So don’t worry about having your phone slip out of your fingers, because this offers non slip grip, which is quite important for an expensive iPhone. You can pick from a whole host of vibrant colours for your phone, so pick something that really shows who you are as a person.

It has a remote locking system too, so if you want to attach it to a wall, or mount on a desk, you can very easily. If you’re still worried about losing it, you can attach it to your wrist via the handy lanyard too. No wonder they were International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honourees at the latest show in Las Vegas.

You can get your hands on the Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone case for $39 (£25) direct from the Rockform site.Rokform Rokbed V3 iPhone Case, in Blue.Rokform Rokbed V3 iPhone Case, in pink.Rokform Rokbed V3 iPhone Case, in green.Rokform Rokbed V3 iPhone Case, in black.

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