Smartphone ECG System, CardioDefender


CardioDefender, ECG for your Smartphone.Smartphones really are getting smarter aren’t they? I mean apps are great, but Angry Birds isn’t exactly clever is it? Well you don’t get any closer to intelligence than the medical profession do you – alright, maybe rocket science, but I’m trying to make a point here.

Everist Genomics are a young medical company that are somewhat fixated with integrating medical technologies into your smartphones, or rather more specifically medical professional’s smartphones.

They’ve recently managed to fuse their efforts with phones and tablet computers, to provide diagnostics in relation to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic diseases. Their latest effort is known as the CardioDefender and is currently the only FDA approved ECG that you can get on a smartphone.

In other words it definitely works. It monitors your heart beat by beat to detect all manner of ailments, including heart arrhythmias, which aren’t always picked up during your initial trip to your GP’s office.

You just need to wear a sensor band and let the WiFi enabled program get to work as a surprisingly sensitive portable cardiogram. How amazing is that?

This isn’t really for home use unless you are prescribed it, but is being added to more and more medical facilities (or hospitals to me and you) everyday.

So next time you see your doctor fiddling with their phone, don’t get annoyed, they may be trying to save your life. Listen out for any familiar game noises though, they might be messing around if you’ve just gone in with a cold.

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