SLT camera, Sony Alpha A65, 24MP


Sony Alpha A65, front view with flash open.Sony have just released their latest Single Lens Translucent or SLT camera. The A65 model is the latest since their A77 model. Which I release is somewhat confusing, given the numerical name.

The camera is a bit like a DSLR, well a little bit. In fact, the only real similarity with this 24 megapixel SLT camera and a standard DSLR, is how they look, which when you get down to specifics, doesn’t really amount to much, does it?

The A65 features a translucent mirror which eradicates any need that you would have for any mechanical mirror movements. It uses light that is fed through the mirror to automatically focus the camera’s sensor.

It can perform DSLR like features too though, including; 10 frame per second shot capture and burst shooting, all with the added benefit of continually focused shots.

Sadly you won’t get an optical zoom for your money though, as the camera’s special features make it almost impossible to have one. So it’s sub par digital zoom all the way I’m afraid. It has an OLED screen at the rear too.

Once you’ve finished shooting, you can move the JPEGs straight from your camera, to your computer with the greatest of ease. Expect to pay around $999 (£750) for the Sony Alpha A65.

Not bad when you consider most cameras like this would cost around $1,400 (£1,000). So if you’re interested in developing (see what I did there) your photographic skills, get your hands on one of these today. You’ll be snap happy!Sony Alpha A65, front view without lens.Sony Alpha A65, side view.Sony Alpha A65, back view with screen flipped.Sony Alpha A65, side view, showing HDMI, Mic, Power and GPS ports.

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