Self Balancing Unicycle, Version 2.0 from Focus Designs


Self Balancing UnicycleIf you’ve ever seen a unicyclist, you’d have been struck by two thoughts – first, ‘‘how the hell is that guy staying on without falling off’’, and second, “I wonder if he’ll let me have a go”. Well, honestly, the first time you get on one, you are going to fall, and you are going to fall hard.

Them’s the facts mate. Don’t worry though, the lovely folks at Focus Designs have spent the last few years designing a learning curve that will allow you to easily master (or at least stay on) your very own unicycle.

They’ve designed a self balancing unicycle, which is really handy, when you realise that the hardest thing about riding a unicycle is the staying balanced part. They’ve basically made a unicycle version of a Segway. I know, they were never the coolest transport device around, but you could stand up on it.

The self balancing unicycle uses all sorts of clever gyros, sensors and accelerometers to keep you steady. It’s like a mini computer too, with a processor that can handle all sorts of algorithms.

So instead of steadying yourself with the pedals, you simply lean forward or backwards to balance properly, and reach speeds of ten miles an hour, across twelve miles on a single charge.

If you’ve got a spare £1000 floating around, you can get yourself one of these today. What’s that, you don’t fancy swapping your two wheeler for one of these? Not even if it leads to a circus career?

Check out the video below to see the Unicycle in action:Self Balancing UnicycleSelf Balancing Unicycle, riding along with a runner.Self Balancing Unicycle, from Focus Designs.Self Balancing Unicycle.

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