Mini or Pro Version, iPad 3 Rumours


Apple iPad 3, release date.Well it’s 2012. Time for some iPad 3 rumours I think. Let’s start with the release date, shall we? How does March sound? A bit optimistic if you ask me. I personally wouldn’t get really excited until at least June.

After the release of the iPhone 4S, almost everyone was devastated because they’d been hoping for number 5. Anyway that’s led to much speculation, that we won’t actually be getting the iPad 3 but an iPad 2S, iPad Mini, or even more bizarrely iPad 3 Pro. Some clever little hackers found references to all of these in November when iOS 5 was released.

The only definite here, is that the iPad 2 will still be on sale then, and probably at a cheaper price. Then there’s the features, apparently you’ll get Siri, a 2048-by-1536 display with a 264 DPI, an A6 Samsung processor.

There’s debate on the last spec though, because Apple have been busy trying to develop their A5 processor into a quad core. Whatever processor ends up sitting in your new iPad, you can expect that it’ll deliver fantastic speed to your device. There’s talk of it being somewhere in between the size of the original iPad and the iPad 2 as well.

Honestly, who knows when Apple are going to release the new iPad 3, not me, and unless you know someone with loose lips at Apple, you’ll have to wait with baited breath for the inevitable press conference announcement just like the rest of us.

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