Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera


Octopus Chair.It can be hard to make your home look unique. Most people go to Ikea on a regular basis for added finishes and furnishings, which has left most of us with rooms that look just like they do in the catalogue pages. So why not add a statement piece to your home to really jazz it up. How does an octopus chair sound as a statement? Yep, it’s definitely out there.

Spanish artist Maximo Riera (what a name, eh?) has designed the octopus chair, which, by his own admission, was a pretty big challenge. Well octopuses don’t exactly come ready chair shaped do they. It is amazingly realistic though, you’ll swear it’s the real thing, which depending on your view, may not be a good thing.

You might have trouble finding a place for it too, as you’d be hard pushed blending this in to the Munster’s house, let alone your regular suburban two up two down. Oh but don’t worry about getting ink on your carpet, it isn’t a squid chair.

If you want to adorn your home with some cephalopod molluscs, you can but it’ll cost you. Quite a bit actually, $52,000 (£35,000). Alternatively buy an octopus beanie baby and just sew it on to the back of one of your existing chairs. I’m sure it’ll look the same.

If you’ve got bags of cash why not get enough to fit around a dining table. Think of the impression it’d make on your diners – maybe don’t serve them any seafood on that night though.

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