Xbox Hot Pocket Dispenser


Hot Pockets for Xbox 360We don’t really have Hot Pockets in the UK, and unless you’re loyal to those American sweet shops that have been popping up all across the country, or you’re lucky enough to have the time and financial ability to jet across the pond, you probably won’t know about them. Well, Hot Pockets are the closest things that American’s have to a pasty, they aren’t as good as Greggs though I’m afraid.

This microwavable snack is really popular in America, especially with hardcore gamers. You know the sort, don’t get up from the sofa unless they are opening the door to the takeaway delivery guy, and even then they resent that.

Drinks are usually in a mini fridge that conveniently sits beside the sofa, or more likely, their gaming chair. Well, Ben Heck has decided to make food all the more convenient during his COD and WOW marathons, by modding his XBOX controller to fit a hot pocket.

Yep, he’s made a plastic pasty slot. With his ingenious (?) invention you can happily game away all day whilst eating a snack that sits just in front of your face. Once you’ve finished you will have to refill it though I’m afraid, but I’m sure he’ll find a solution to that soon.

Honestly this is all a bit too gross for me. I mean, how long does it take to eat a pasty? Hit the pause button, and step away from the games console, oh and maybe have a shower. Gamer sweat is so off putting. Check out his video guide:Hot Pockets for Xbox 360.

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