Sony B170 Walkman Announced, Quick Charge, 18 Hours Playback


Sony B170 Walkman, colors.I remember my first Walkman. I was nine and I was given my brother’s old model, despite the fourteen year age gap between us. That’s because technology didn’t move as quickly as it does now, and as far as I was concerned, it was the coolest piece of tech I’d ever seen.

Sadly, the latest B170 Walkman from Sony isn’t a retro reboot, or an indication of cassettes making a comeback. No it’s an mp3 player. A small and beautifully colourful little mp3 player.

So colourful in fact, that whenever you’ve got the bass pumping, the LED screen flashes a colour coded symbol that’ll pulse in time with it – nifty eh? Its feature packed too, how’d you fancy zappin’ a track? When you have this feature enabled, you just get previews of each of your songs, and only when you hit the zap button will you have to listen to the entire song.

Saves you flicking through endless tracks when you’ve shuffled the library. Apparently a three minute charge will allow you to have up to 90 minutes of playback as well, which is excellent if you’re in a rush, getting ready for work.

There’s currently no word on pricing, but it’ll probably be in line with their last range. The updated walkman will probably be available by the end of February, so expect an official price announcement soon.

Sad to say, but who really buys an mp3 player that isn’t an iPod anymore? Sorry Sony, don’t think it’ll be a major winner.Sony B170 Walkman, in pink.Sony B170 Walkman, in light blue.Sony B170 Walkman, side view, in black.Sony B170 Walkman, USB view, in black.Sony B170 Walkman, in pink.Sony B170 Walkman, in yellow.Sony B170 Walkman, in black.

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