Powerful Compact Camera, Pentax Optio VS20


Pentax Optio VS20 Camera.CES 2012 was full of brand new hi-tech cameras. It seems like everywhere you look, a new one is being placed on a shelf, before your very eyes. Well, here’s another one, so feast your eyes on the new Pentax Optio VS20.

This is a quirky little thing, and has an added extra that most compact cameras, if any, don’t have. No, it doesn’t offer instant prints like a Polaroid camera, it has two shutter buttons. What would you use that for, you say? Well, if I told you that this is a feature found on most top level DSLRs would it give you a clue?

No, OK if I have to spell it out – basically, it means that you have better control when you shoot in portrait – simple, right? You’d think they’d stick two on every camera. For your money, you’ll also get a 20x 560mm optical zoom, a 16 megapixel OCD sensor, an ISO range of up to 6400 and a reduced vibration image stabilisation sensor thingy, which makes sure that you don’t get shaky shots.

The camera can also shoot HD video at 720p, and even has Movie SR mode, so try that feature out if you fancy yourself as a bit of a Scorsese. Fair play to Pentax, it’s a feature filled little number.

You’ll be able to get yourself one of these fancy little compacts for $250 (£200) this February. Not a bad price when you consider what you’re getting. So go on, treat yourself and strike a pose!Pentax Optio VS20 Camera, back view.Pentax Optio VS20 Camera, in black, font view.Pentax Optio VS20 Camera with vertical shutter button on the side.Pentax Optio VS20 Camera, top view.

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