Pawn Shop Special Amps from Fender


The Greta, Pawn Shop Special Amps.Fender are part of musicality royalty, and any budding axe man worth their salt knows that if they want the best, Fender is a good choice. Well, Fender are longing for an earlier sound, and have set out to recreate the earliest moments of electrified sound. Say hello to the Excelsior and the Greta. I know, the names don’t exactly scream rock and roll, but it is Fender, so give them a chance.

The small tube amps are a piece of vintage inspired magic. The Greta has a reminiscent look of an old school radio and truly is small enough to fit on a table top. The Excelsior on the other hand, is a much more distinctive affair, and has a sexily textured brown vinyl exterior.

As if you needed me to spell it out any clearer for you; they look like amps you might pick up from an old Pawn Shop – not a cash converter mind you – nothing less than really cool 1970s pawn shop.

What comes inside of those oh so delightful interiors? How do 12AT7 output tubes, 12AX7 preamp tubes sound? The tiny Greta has an output of just 2 watts, whilst the excelsior has an altogether chunkier 12 watt output.

The Excelsior combo amp can be yours for around $400 (£250), and you can get the smaller Greta for around $260 (£165). Fair play to Fender, they could have jacked up the prices even higher than they have, but have given them at least a reminiscently second hand price tag.The Excelsior combo ampThe Greta and Excelsior combo amp.The Greta amp.Inside the Excelsior combo amp.

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