3D Interactive Learning with Popar Books


Bugs 3D, Popar Books.Hi-tech books aren’t confined to Kindles, eReaders and iPads. Nope, books themselves are getting more sophisticated now too. That’s right books, those things you find in a flesh and blood bookshop or library, nothing virtual here. Well, not that virtual.

Popar toys have started augmenting the reality of your books, to make them literally come to life. Their new set of products is intended to really grab your child’s attention, when they are learning to read.

Using your webcam, the books can create 3D virtual objects which spring to life before your very eyes. Of course, by in front of your eyes, I mean as long as you’re looking at a computer screen.

Sadly there aren’t any holograms involved – not yet anyway. You just hold up the book or toy and watch the extra magic begin. Anyone who’s visited a Lego shop lately would’ve noticed the same thing when they’ve held up the boxed toys in front of the in-store webcam translators. Loads of fun!

The books and toys are relatively cheap too, starting at just $10 (£6.50). Get your them for your little darlings (or one for yourself) today. Who knows what these Popar books will lead to in the future, we could have all sorts of pop-ups.

How’d you fancy an encyclopaedia with images that you could almost touch, or lads mags which you could almost – well – you get the idea, don’t you? You can buy the books and toys from the Popar toys site now. Take a look at the video below for more details:Popar Books, planets.Planets 3D AnimationBugs 3D Digital Toys

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