Sony Bloggie Sport


Sony Bloggie SportA risk with small gadgets is that they might fall out of our hands and break. Another risk is that of convergence. As the same device serves as our music player, digital camera and mobile phone, it comes along with us a la Mary’s lamb.

Technology increasingly allows more and more to be done by smaller and smaller devices. The net effect is that because most compact gadgets are expensive, any damage to them can set one back by quite a tidy amount.

That’s why companies are now focusing their energies on making their product more rugged. Sony, for instance, unveiled a more rugged version of its hand-held video camera, christened the Bloggie Sport. It weighs less than 150 g.

This camera can operate under water at depths of up to 5 m for as much as an hour. In fact, even its 2.7 inch touchscreen will work underwater. Ruggedness is also required for landlubbers, and you’ll be happy to know that Sony claims that the Bloggie Sport can withstand a fall from a height of up to 1.5 m. This is thanks to the rubber casing around the metal chassis.

The Bloggie Sport comes with 4GB internal storage, which will allow you to record around two hours of HD (1080 p) footage. A flip-out USB port lets you connect the camera to your computer, while the HDMI output lets you view your videos on HD television screens.

This camera is powered by a rechargeable battery. It is available in red, blue and black and is expected to launch in February. It’s priced at $180 (£179 in the UK).Sony Bloggie Sport in Blue, Red and Black.Sony Bloggie Sport, screen view.Sony Bloggie Sport, screen view.

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