Moving Air Purifier, the Rydis Robot


 Rydis 800 Air Purifier.Air purifiers have been around for several decades. But as far as I know, they have all been stationary devices. In other words, they help purify the air in the room in which they are placed. Like air conditioners, they also have a rated capacity, which is the volume of air it will purify in an hour.

Unless you have air conditioners with built-in ionisers and purifiers, or have a purifier installed in every room, you have no choice but to physically carry your purifier to whichever room you go to. Not the most practical of solutions.

The Rydis 800 from Moneual is an innovative product that is designed to purify air all over your home. It is basically a purifier on wheels. It has a five-level filtration system.

It combines a HEPA filter using activated carbon with a washable pre-filter. There is also an optional semi ULPA filter impregnated with activated carbon.

The black and white unit is cylindrical in shape and is about 2’ (60 cm) in height. A PSD sensor and built-in gyro guide the Rydis 800 as it moves around avoiding obstacles.

It operates on wheels, so if you live in a home with two levels, you may need to get yourself more than one unit unless you can remember to carry it upstairs with you.

A multi-function remote control allows you to adjust filter settings or to direct the purifier unit to go to another room. In hay fever season, use the high settings.

The unit is not very noisy either, operating at 22dB in sleep mode and 48dB in turbo mode. The Rydis is powered by a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging base station. Rydis 800 Air Purifier, side view. Rydis 800 Air Purifier. Rydis 800 Air Purifier. Rydis 800 Air Purifier, top view. Rydis 800 Air Purifier, side view.

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