Eliminate Training Wheels with Help from a Gyroscope


 Bicycle Training Wheels EliminatorDo you recall when you first learnt to ride a bicycle? The initial fear that you might fall gave way to confidence because the training wheels ensured that you did not tip over.

In a few days or weeks, dad took off the training wheels but held your cycle as you grappled with the challenge of maintaining balance while moving forward or negotiating a turn.

And then, one day, you realized that dad (or maybe mom) had let go and you were riding on your own. That exhilaration, that joy of being in control is simply amazing, isn’t it?

If you want your kids to learn to ride a bicycle but think you don’t have the inclination or time to help them, consider getting them the training wheels eliminator, which is basically a gyroscopic bicycle wheel.

All you have to do is replace the front wheel of your child’s bicycle with this gyroscopic wheel. The internal gyroscope spins independently when the child rides the bicycle. This gyroscopic precession force stabilizes the bicycle even when the child loses balance.

The precession force guides the handlebars in the right direction so that stability is maintained. This also gives the child a better sense of how to respond in the face of instability so that s/he does not fall.

Depending on what bicycle your child has, you can buy either the 12” or 16” gyroscopic wheel. The former is priced at $100 (£70), and the latter at $140 (£95). In both sizes, you get a choice of black or white.Bicycle Training Wheels Eliminator

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